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Recycling and Disposal Service for Your Home PC Printer Keyboards Laptops and Electronics E-Waste & PC Recycling
For Businesses in New York, New Jersey, Penn & Connecticut
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Computer and Electronics Waste Management Licences: CDG100002 & PCP040001
Computer Disposal and PC's
Recycling PC's Recycle TV's PC and Printer Disposal
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PC and Computer Recycling TV Set Disposal and Recycling PC and Printer Disposal
  Recycling Service For NY, NJ, CT & PA Businesses
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Computer Recycling and Disposal of Office PC's
  Ewaste & PC Recycling for Businesses
Ewaste disposal and computer recycling service (including hard disk drive data destruction)
Welcome to, also accessible as This is an E-waste recycling website for the Businesses of New York and New Jersey. The purpose of this website is to provide NJ & NY business community with a electronics and computer disposal service. is not designed to help with regular garbage collection. However, offers an e-waste garbage disposal service which is especially designed to manage old, unwanted, broken or obsolete business computers, printers, scanners, cell phones and other such electronic computer related devices. All business e-waste and PC disposal is managed securely and in absolute confidence. Your computer hard drives are wiped clean of data and destroyed without ever being accessed. Everything you send to us, from PC's, servers, printers, TV sets, keyboards to stereos are separated by hand into their scrap materials. These waste materials are reclaimed from various recycling processes and as a result kept out of landfills. In using this website and the recycling services offered by you are doing your bit for the planet and future generations. Thank you for making the right choice legally and ethically.
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